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You're Nothing Special arrives to Netflix on September 2nd

Netflix announced today the premiere of its new series, You’re Nothing Special. Created by Estíbaliz Burgaleta (script coordinator of Skam Spain), and written by herself with Alberto Grondona (Cable Girls) and Sergio Granda (Skam Spain). Inma Torrente (Valeria) directs this comedy, produced by Oria Films.

You’re Nothing Special, narrates Amaia's life, which, according to her, just sucks. Overnight, she has to say goodbye to her life in Barcelona, where she has all her friends and her day to day already established, to go live in her mother's village, where NOTHING ever happens. However, she will soon discover something that could turn her life around... that perhaps she has inherited the powers of her grandmother: a woman she never met, but with the reputation of being the only witch that has ever lived in the town of Salabarria.

This new teen comedy has 6 episodes, filmed entirely in the region of Navarra. Lekunberri and Leitza, among others, are the locations that bring to life the fictitious town of Salabarria, where the plot takes place starring Amaia, interpreted by Dèlia Brufau (The Hockey Girls), accompanied with Óskar de la Fuente, Ainara Pérez, Jaime Wang, Elia Galera (El Cid), Jordi Aguilar (The Bar), Miriam Cabeza (Vaya semanita) and Gabriel Guevara (Skam Spain).

About Oria Audiovisual

Oria Audiovisual is an independent production company created by Puy Oria, founder together with Montxo Armendáiz from Oria Films, responsibles for titles such as Broken Silence (2001), La Guerrilla de la Memoria (2001), Escenario Movil (2004), El Inmortal (2004),  Obaba (2005), From Your Window to Mine (2011) and Don't Be Afraid (2011).

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