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Who are the 10 participants that fell in love and made to the alter in Love is Blind: Brazil

Who are the 10 participants that fell in love and made to the alter in Love is Blind: Brazil

"Do you believe that love is really blind?" Yes! That's the unanimous answer of ten participants in Love Is Blind Brazil - the national version of one of the most successful reality shows on Netflix, Love is Blind - who formed couples and continued in the experiment until the altar. Hosted by Camila Queiroz and Klebber Toledo, the reality puts to the test whether it is possible to fall in love without ever having seen each other.

16 women and 16 men agreed to throw themselves in this unique experiment, but only 10 people managed to fall in love in the blind dating booths. Now, it's time to get to know these participants better and try to guess who the couples are. Will it be that now, with eye contact and a good period living together, will they be able to truly surrender to love?

Meet the 10 participants:

Ana Carolina Prado: 29 years, Santa Catarina, model and producer – Loves going to art exhibitions, practicing pole dance and her favorite food is feijoada. It's the team that prefers the beach, summer, getting up early, Friday night with Netflix and pizza without ketchup. The mantra of her life is: be kind to yourself.

Carolina Novaes: 30 years, São Paulo, lawyer – Loves to work out, dance and enjoy a good drink. Her favorite food is chicken parmigiana with french fries. She belongs to the team that prefers the beach, is in doubt between summer and winter, waking up early and sleeping early, Friday with Netflix (with wine and cheese) and pizza without ketchup. Her life mantra is: follow the intuition and desires without fear and without the need for approval from others, as long as you don't hurt a third party.

Dayanne Feitoza: 32 years, Ceará, banker – Love sports, cinema and arts in general. Her favorite food is pasta with sausage and pizza. She loves to work out and dance. Has no secret talents because insists on showing all of them. It's in the team that prefers the beach, summer, Friday night with Netflix and sleeping late. Her mantra for life is: one day at a time.

Fernanda Terra Borges Fortes: 37 years, Rio Grande do Sul, eyebrow designer - Loves traveling and her biggest dream is to have a family. Her favorite food is seafood. Practices crossfit and boxing, belongs to the team that prefers the beach, summer, Fridays with Netflix and early rises. Her life mantra: in life, everything always has something positive.

Luana Braga: 34 years, Bahia, psychologist - Loves cooking, dancing and acting. Her biggest dream is to work in parallel with social work and open an NGO. Love Japanese food. It’s a very good shower singer. It's in the beach team, summer, Friday with Netflix and sleeping late. Her life mantra is: The Lord is my shepherd, I have everything I need

Hudson Mendes: 27 years, São Paulo, entrepreneur - Loves to play instruments, especially to do “pagodinho”. His favorite food is Brazilian barbecue and his favorite sport is soccer. He prefers the beach, summer, Friday night parties, pizza with ketchup, and waking up early. His life mantra is: live demonstrating peace, joy, and empathy to leave a legacy, life is simpler than it seems.

Lissio Cruz Fiod: 35 years, Maranhão, entrepreneur - Loves traveling and kitesurfing. His favorite food is sushi. He likes to take baths in the dark and believes in the balance between Netflix and partying on Friday night. He prefers the beach, summer, and waking up early. Her life mantra is: whatever you do in life, do it as well as you can, always give your best, no matter the outcome.

Rodrigo Vaisemberg: 35 years, São Paulo, life planner - Loves sports, especially soccer. He is an ex-athlete, got injured and needed 4 surgeries that kept him away from sports. His favorite food is Brazilian barbecue. He prefers the beach, summer, preparing dinner at home, Friday nights at the club, pizza without ketchup, and waking up early. His life mantra is: always keep positive thinking. 

Hojjatollah Haghbinghomi (Shayan): 30 years, Iran, entrepreneur - He loves to play all the sports, but his favorite is basketball. He dreams of being an entertainer/showman. His favorite food is Persian kebab. Loves the beach and the mountains, the summer, pizza without ketchup, waking up early, and partying on Friday night. To him, sex is also a kind of love.

Thiago Rocha: 35 years, Santa Catarina, skydiver - He loves kitesurfing and parachuting, and dreams of having a sailboat to travel the world. His favorite food is Brazilian barbecue, especially ribs. His favorite sport is beach volleyball. He doesn't see himself in a monogamous relationship. He prefers the beach, summer, and Fridays at the club. He likes to wake up early, but stay in bed. His life mantra is: complain less and pursue your dreams. 

The first episodes of Love is Blind Brasil are now available on Netflix. And there's a lot more on October 13th and 20th.

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