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A Deeper Dive: 'Thai Cave Rescue' Trailer Reveals Untold Stories From Incredible Mission of Survival

A Deeper Dive: 'Thai Cave Rescue' Trailer Reveals Untold Stories From Incredible Mission of Survival

Netflix today revealed the full trailer for the limited series Thai Cave Rescue, which brings to light untold perspectives of the rescue mission that captivated the entire world in 2018. Discover the stories of heroes you haven’t heard about from the Tham Luang cave and beyond, on September 22, 2022.

An expansive, authentic portrayal that goes beyond the headlines

The six-episode limited series – created and written by Michael Russell Gunn and Dana Ledoux Miller – is a deeper dive into this incredible rescue mission. Shot entirely in Thailand, with on-location filming at the real Tham Luang cave, Thai Cave Rescue delivers an expanded, dramatized retelling that covers in detail, for the first time, the harrowing experiences of Coach Eak and the 12 Wild Boars inside the cave and their lives on the outside.

In addition to insights from interviews with the real boys from the Wild Boars football team, Thai Cave Rescue features scenes shot at their real homes and even props that are items from the actual events of 2018. To further ensure an authentic and immersive depiction, the underwater cave diving scenes feature Dr. Richard “Harry” Harris – the Australian anesthesiologist and cave diver who took part in the rescue – as the body double of Rodger Corser, who plays the show’s version of Dr. Harris.

Dr. Harris (right) was the body double for Corser (left) who plays him in the series.

Crafted for realism with Thai creators

Beyond directors Kevin Tancharoen and Baz Poonpiriya, Thai Cave Rescue’s sweeping Thai cast and crew came together in a monumental effort to create an experience that is most faithful to the incredible real-life events.

As the deeper parts of the real cave cannot serve as a filming location, the production team spent three weeks exploring the real Tham Luang and its surrounding forests and mountains, and months shooting additional locations involved in the operation. A fully 3D LIDAR scan using advanced laser technology was then carried out to recreate the interior chambers of Tham Luang on a soundstage.

It was a huge undertaking, all done in the service of telling this story well. Showrunner Miller says: “I am eternally thankful for all the people who trudged through knee-high mud, dammed a cave, were pelted with five different levels of rain for hours on end, spent weeks creating a LIDAR scan and then recreated caves on set, spent hours underwater slamming against rocks, and took Covid test after Covid test and wore N95 masks in 99 percent humidity day after day, all so we could share this story with the world.”

Discover the full story of the harrowing and inspirational rescue mission that held the world’s attention in Thai Cave Rescue, on Netflix starting September 22.

Stills can be downloaded here.

Wow Pongpanich

Head of Public Relations (Thailand)