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Top 10 Week of September 5: ‘Cobra Kai’ Steps Into the #1 Spot; ‘End Of The Road’ Tops the Films List

Top 10 Week of September 5: ‘Cobra Kai’ Steps Into the #1 Spot; ‘End Of The Road’ Tops the Films List

Cobra Kai made a big comeback as Season 5 returned with a whopping 106.7M hours viewed, making it the most viewed title this week on the English TV List. Starring Ralph Macchio and William Zabka, the series was in the Top 10 in 83 countries. The highly anticipated season introduced a new class of stars who are ready to take their place at the dojo. 

There’s no escaping Devil in Ohio. The thriller series pulled in an additional 70.81M hours viewed. The Imperfects made a monstrous debut with 24.07M hours viewed and appeared in the Top 10 in 42 countries. Viewers made it a family affair and tuned into Dated and Related. The reality series had 19.8M hours viewed. The Sandman is what dreams are made of. The dark fantasy series continued to have a hold on viewers with 19.59M hours viewed. Viewers found their match with Partner Track. The legal rom-com starring Arden Cho had 18.21M hours viewed. HRH Queen Elizabeth II was in the hearts and minds of viewers. Fans revisited Season 1 of The Crown, which was in the seventh spot with 17.57M hours viewed. The crew from Stranger Things 4 had 16.56M hours viewed. Limited series Echoes had fans doing a double-take with 14.26M hours viewed. Closing out the list was Season 1 of Manifest with 12.41M hours viewed.  

End of The Road took viewers on a wild ride. Starring Queen Latifah and Chris Bridges aka Ludacris, the road trip thriller entered the English Films List with 30.21M hours viewed and appeared in the Top 10 in 80 countries. Love in the Villa continued to capture the hearts of viewers as the film came in # 2 with 29.53M hours viewed. Dark thriller I Came By had 26.8M hours viewed and was in the Top 10 in 84 countries. Fans spent more time with Kevin Hart and Mark Wahlberg in Me Time. The buddy comedy had 20.66M hours viewed. 

The Non-English TV List had returning favorites and new entrants. Korean drama Extraordinary Attorney Woo  (31.64M hours viewed), Mexican drama High Heat (26.99M hours viewed),  K-drama Alchemy of Souls  (16.84M hours viewed) and Polish drama Family Secrets (7.11M hours viewed) maintained their standing on the list. Mexican thriller Diary of a Gigolo (27.98M hours viewed), Korean thriller Narco-Saints (20.6M hours viewed), Korean drama Little Women (9.97M hours viewed) and Scandinavian mystery Entrapped (7.9M hours viewed) debuted on this list. 

On the Non-English Films side, newcomers included French drama No Limit, Spanish comedy Hollyblood  and Turkish drama The Festival of Troubadours. In its third week, Danish thriller Loving Adults had 12.59M hours viewed and entered the Most Popular List in the tenth spot with 60.02M hours viewed total. Brazilian comedy Fenced In, Spanish thriller Under Her Control and Korean action-adventure Seoul Vibe returned to the list. 

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