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The Hunt Continues...El Chapo Season 2 Launches on Netflix December 15

The Hunt Continues...El Chapo Season 2 Launches on Netflix December 15

Hollywood, California, November 21, 2017 - Netflix, the world’s leading internet entertainment service, announced today that El Chapo season 2 will debut on on Netflix December 15. The co-production between Netflix and Univision Story House Entertainment will continue to tell the infamous story of one of the most wanted drug lords in history.

Season 2 kicks off with Chapo’s first prison break and goes on to reveal the critical role corrupt government officials play in aiding El Chapo’s rise over his rival cartel bosses. The series will also show how his quest to become the leader of the Sinaloa Cartel, the most powerful criminal organization in the world, impacts the lives of those closest to him–including his family.

The series stars Marco de la O who greatly transformed himself for the role of El Chapo; Humberto Busto as Attorney Conrado Sol aka “Don Sol,” a key political party figure; Juan Carlos Olivas as El Güero, one of El Chapo’s partners; Alejandro Aguilar as Toño, El Chapo’s main assassin; Rolf Petersen as Ramon, rival cartel leader; Hernan Romo as Benjamin, rival cartel leader; Diego Vasquez as Ismael, one of El Chapo’s most trusted partners; Juliette Pardau as Graciela, El Chapo’s second wife; Roberto Uscanga as El Arriero, brother and partner of El Chapo; Antonio De La Vega as Arturo Bl, brother and partner of El Chapo; Harold Torres as El Cano, the leader of Emes, the largest rival cartel to El Chapo’s operation this season; Juan Pablo de Santiago as Franco Sebastian; Laura Osma as Elba, El Chapo’s third wife; and Hector Munoz as Moreno, El Chapo’s son.

El Chapo is created by Silvana Aguirre Zegarra and Carlos Contreras and produced by Daniel Posada. The second season is directed by five talented directors from four countries: Ernesto Contreras (Mexico), Carlos Moreno (Colombia), Hammudi Al-Rahmoun (Spain), Daniel and Diego Vega (Peru).