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Something for Everyone

Something for Everyone

Talking this morning at Cannes Lions in France, Ted Sarandos - Netflix co-CEO - highlighted people’s very different tastes when it comes to the entertainment they enjoy. 

Netflix has 222 million members globally and the key to our success is ensuring that there’s always something for everyone to watch on our service. But “something for everyone” doesn’t mean “everything is for everyone”.  

On average, members watch six different genres every month, ranging from drama to horror and comedy to kids and family. The graphics below show a small slice of the many different combinations our members watched in a month1. Download graphics here.

The bottom line: to satisfy our members we need a wide variety of shows and films, and great recommendations to help people find the right title for whatever mood they’re in.

1 The visualizations below show what other accounts watched in addition to Bridgerton, The Power of the Dog, The Adam Project, Cobra Kai, and Lupin in the month of premiere. For example, there were millions of accounts that watched The Power of the Dog in its first 28 days on Netflix that also watched Emily in Paris or Selling Tampa in that time period.[