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Netflix Options ‘The Cipher’ For Jennifer Lopez

Netflix Options ‘The Cipher’ For Jennifer Lopez
  • Netflix has optioned Isabella Maldonado’s The Cipher to adapt into a feature film starring Jennifer Lopez

  • Cast: Jennifer Lopez

  • Producer: Jennifer Lopez, Elaine Goldsmith Thomas, Benny Medina

  • Executive Producers:  Liza Fleissig, Ginger Harris-Dontzin, Isabella Maldonado,  Catherine Hagedorn 

  • Associate Producer: Courtney Baxter

  • Synopsis:  FBI agent Nina Guerrero finds herself drawn into a serial killer’s case after he strategically posts complex codes and riddles online corresponding to recent murders in order to lure her into a cat and mouse chase.

  • JENNIFER LOPEZ image for download // Photo credit: Nedim Vrabac

  • BOOK IMAGE for download

About the Author:

Award-winning author Isabella Maldonado wore a gun and badge in real life before writing crime fiction. A graduate of the FBI National Academy in Quantico and the first Latina in her department to attain the rank of captain, she commanded the Special  Investigations and Forensics Division before retiring after twenty-two years on the force. For more information, visit