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Netflix new Brazilian comedy series with starpower cast starts production

Netflix new Brazilian comedy series with starpower cast starts production

São Paulo, June 17, 2021 - An eccentric millionaire's invitation to his mansion for a weekend will turn into a fun mystery in which everyone is a suspect for the host's murder. And that story who tells - and makes us laugh! - is a cast full of stars, who have already started recording Netflix's new Brazilian comedy series.

The cast in this plot is known by the general audience of television and social media for a, let 's say, "little" inclination to comedy. Fernanda Paes Leme, Maíra Azevedo, Marcelo Médici, Thati Lopes, Rômulo Arantes Neto, GKay, Silvero Pereira, Raphael Logan, Gi Uzêda, Dhu Moraes, César Maracujá, Paulo Tiefenthaler and Eliéser Mota play characters from three different families who walk around the house together with a jumbled detective and his team. The attempt to find out who killed the millionaire and the fight for the heritage make everyone have to live together under the same roof.

Netflix's new comedy series will showcase the funniest side of Brazilian families from different cities of the country, bringing the most representative and peculiar side of brazilian people and culture when it comes to humor related to family life, whether in the everyday routine or in extreme situations. After all, Brazilians are the true personification of the saying "it would be tragic if it weren't comic".

A Glaz Entertainment production, produced by Mayra Lucas and Carolina Alckmin, created by César Rodrigues and Leandro Soares and directed by César Rodrigues and Eduardo Vaisman, Netflix's new Brazilian comedy series is foreseen to debut in 2022.

About Glaz Entertainment

GLAZ is a company dedicated to creating series, movies and animations with a high level of fun and emotion. The films reached the Top 10 at the box office in cinema and were Top 10 in several countries in streaming. The series are audience highlights, both animations and fictions and documentaries. The company mission is to create unforgettable new universes for all audiences, together with talents, teams and partners.

About Netflix

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