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Netflix Joins Forces With Raj & DK for Comedy-Crime-Thriller ‘Guns & Gulaabs’

Netflix Joins Forces With Raj & DK for Comedy-Crime-Thriller ‘Guns & Gulaabs’

With an impressive portfolio of films and series to their name, Raj Nidimoru & Krishna D.K., also known as Raj & DK, need no introduction. The incredibly talented writer-director duo have an impeccable body of work, and they will now kickstart their creative partnership with Netflix with the quirky series Guns & Gulaabs under the D2R Films production. 

Inspired by the misfits of the world, Guns & Gulaabs is a story that depicts love and innocence, set in a world of crime. The series is set to uniquely blend the romance of the 90s with a crime thriller while effortlessly lacing it in humour.

Speaking about the series and their collaboration with Netflix, Raj & DK said: “Netflix has always been a pioneering service offering constantly cutting edge content. And we are super thrilled to associate with them on our latest venture! Last year, we had a great outing on Netflix with our indie gem, Cinema Bandi. And now we look forward to a larger collaboration on our first Netflix series, Guns & Gulaabs. We are especially thrilled to roll out this wicked genre mash with some of the finest cast and crew from our country.”

Sharing details on the announcement, Tanya Bami, Series Head, Netflix India, said: “We are delighted to partner with the finest creators Raj Nidimoru & Krishna D.K. for a series as distinct as their creative voice, Guns and Gulaabs. Bringing their unique storytelling style to Netflix, Raj & DK blend romance, crime and the inimitable humor that’s signature to the duo, into Guns & Gulaabs which will captivate audiences in India and across the world.” 

Created, Directed & Produced by Raj & DK

Written by Suman Kumar, Raj & DK, & Sumit Arora

Lizel Noronha