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Netflix ISP Speed Index for December 2021

Netflix ISP Speed Index for December 2021

Indonesia’s Telkom kept up its momentum in December on the Netflix ISP Speed Index, our monthly update on which ISPs provide the best primetime Netflix streaming experience.

Telkom rose by 0.4 Megabit per second (Mbps) to 3.2 Mbps, an improvement from 2.8 Mbps the month prior. Among all countries and regions, Indonesia’s average speed also saw the highest increase in December, from  3.0 Mbps to 3.4 Mbps. 

Over 10 countries and regions saw an improvement from last month of at least 0.2 Mbps. Among them include four countries that posted losses of at least 0.2 Mbps in November. Bolivia, Costa Rica, and Vietnam all recovered from their November dip returning to 3.4 Mbps. Paraguay, which last month saw a drop in its average speed by 0.2 Mbps, jumped back up to 3.6 Mbps.

Two ISPs saw decreases of 0.2 Mbps last month. Ireland’s Imagine fell to 3.2 Mbps from 3.4 Mbps. Pakistan’s Optix dipped from 3.2 to 3.0 Mbps. 

Singapore and the Netherlands were the sole two countries in the top performance tier in December, posting speeds of 3.8 Mbps. The highest performing ISPs sustained their average speed from last month of 3.8 Mbps.

The Netflix ISP Speed Index is a measure of primetime Netflix performance on a particular ISP and not a measure of overall performance for other services/data that may travel across the specific ISP network. Faster Netflix performance generally means better picture quality, quicker start times and fewer interruptions. We also created a separate tool to check your current download performance: visit on any internet browser or download the FAST Speed Test iOS or Android app.