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Netflix Culture -- Always Trying to Improve

Netflix Culture -- Always Trying to Improve

Eight years ago, we first published a slide presentation that outlines our employee culture at Netflix, which has since been viewed millions of times. We’ve made small updates in the interim, but today we are publishing a major update. We’ve evolved the format from 120 slides to 10 pages of prose, seeking to clarify the many points on which people have had questions.

We want to thank all of our Netflix employees for improving our culture, and particularly thank the one thousand employees from around the world who made specific suggestions to the update. This update reflects the emphasis we put on global thinking and inclusiveness, and maintains our joy of working with stunning colleagues.

We hope you find it interesting reading and that it provides more insight on how we work together in pursuit of our common goal to connect people from all of the world with great stories from all over the world.

-- Reed