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Netflix announces Russian heartwarming drama series ‘Nothing Special’

Netflix announces Russian heartwarming drama series ‘Nothing Special’

  • 21st of December 2021 - Netflix announces its next  Russian series ‘Nothing Special’. This heartwarming drama is about a young actor Lyokha and his volunteer work at a charity that supports people with disabilities . Getting closer to the group he is assigned, the hero finds a common language with them and discovers  answers to his questions, helping people close to him to look at life from another perspective.

  • Anna Nagler, Director, Local Language Originals, CEE and Russia: "Nothing Special is a beautiful story, so simple and yet so complex. It is told with incredible sensitivity and with an even greater sense of humor. This is a touching narrative  relating how deep connections can appear if we allow ourselves the chance to get to know each other. We were charmed from the very start and trust the story will equally appeal to our Russian members”.

  • Ilya Malanin, director: “I am very pleased that it is this story that established my directorial debut. It is full of emotion, acceptance, and love. Each character is knitted with contradictions both in thoughts and actions. And there is nothing special about it” .

  • Valeriy Fedorovich and Evgeniy Nikishov, producers: “We are glad that once again Netflix enables us to share a Russian story with the whole world. Together with highly professional actors such as Yura Borisov and Daria Melnikova, newer talents - some of whom have disabilities - made this project really special. Their talent and charisma help us share a heartwarming, sympathetic story. It leaves nobody indifferent".

  • Logline: A young actor Lyokha starts  working on a play together with a group of people with whom he easily finds a common language. Lyokha is driven by his personal reasons and  he wants to find  answers to questions in his relationship with his wife. That's why he finds himself  in an unexpected place: in the performing arts studio of a foundation that supports people with disabilities.  Close communication with them shows Lyokha that every cloud has a silver lining, one can find humor where, it would seem, it is not possible, and love... being the most powerful feeling can reveal a person from an unexpected side. Thus the main thing for Lyokha is to help his loved ones to see their life from a new perspective.

  • Director: Ilya Malanin

  • Screenwriters: Mila Prosvirina, Shorena Patsia, Maria Panasyuk, Ilya Malanin

  • Producers: Valerij Fedorovich, Evgenij Nikishov, Aleksandr Sysoev

  • Cast: Yura Borisov, Paulina Pushkaruk, Daria Melnikova, Anton Sankevich, Olga Lomonosova

  • The series  will launch on Netflix worldwide.  Premiere date to be announced.


Anna Zur

Communications CEE & Russia