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Netflix Spotlights Malaysian Artist’s Intricate Papercut Artwork for Its 2023 CNY Collection

Netflix Spotlights Malaysian Artist’s Intricate Papercut Artwork for Its 2023 CNY Collection

To mark the launch of Netflix’s 2023 Lunar New Year collection, Malaysian paper-cutting artist Eten Teo has created an intricate piece highlighting a family’s Lunar New Year celebrations.

Teo’s papercut piece marks the first time a physical artwork is digitised to be featured on a local moment on Netflix — a specially-curated collection of titles that celebrates seasonal moments or social events that are important to local audiences. In addition to Malaysia, Teo’s artwork will also be spotlighted on the Netflix platform in Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Vietnam.  

The piece, which took Teo a week to complete, revolves around the word 福 (, meaning “fortune” or “good luck”) and is meant to represent the blessings and happiness surrounding the festivities. He also put some of his fondest memories onto paper with his latest work, as some of the scenes are directly inspired by his personal childhood experiences celebrating Lunar New Year with his family. 

“Every Chinese New Year, the adults at home will be busy with the required preparations, and children will write couplets to decorate the home. As a child, I was the one helping to decorate and arrange the decorations. Although it can be a bit chaotic, it is actually a very warm scene. Getting together for the new year is a very happy occasion for me,” he said. 

Teo also considers the piece as a milestone in his craft, as it is different from his previous style of work. Further elaborating on his process, he said, “It is not the neatest and most perfect in terms of technical aspects, but it shows the different movements and expressions of each character. When it's placed in the context of paper-cutting art, it's a relatively new art style.”

Teo’s creation serves as the centrepiece for Netflix’s 2023 Lunar New Year slate, which showcases a curated and diverse collection of classic and new titles to the theme of A Time for Togetherness. From laugh-out-loud comedies and heartwarming family fare to action-packed blockbusters and award-winning hits, there is sure to be something for everyone. 

Head over to for the collection of CNY classics and fan-favourite blockbusters.

Vivien Tan

Publicity SEA