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Meet Tudum — Your Backstage Pass to the Netflix Stories You Love

Meet Tudum — Your Backstage Pass to the Netflix Stories You Love

Earlier this fall, we kicked off TUDUM, our first-ever global fan event to lots of excitement. And today, we’re launching Tudum, Netflix's official companion site — a place where you can dive deeper into the stories you love.

It’s still early days, and our launch today is just the beginning. Longer term, as we build out Tudum, here’s what you can expect:

  • Get the inside scoop: Has You been renewed? When does Season 4 of Cobra Kai come out? Follow along for the latest news.

  • Dig deeper: Is Maid based on a true story? What is a ‘kefta’ in Shadow and Bone? Where else have I seen the cast of The Witcher? Stories don’t have to end when the credits roll.

  • Extend the story: Where can I find the Squid Game tracksuit? What’s on The Harder They Fall soundtrack? How do I make the necklace from Outer Banks? Bring your favorite stories to life with helpful tips, tricks and lists. 

I’ve been obsessed with pop culture ever since my family moved from Ghana to Colorado Springs when I was 12 years old. While I didn’t feel that different, other kids my age thought that I was. And guess what I found was the best way to connect with them? Pop culture. 

In the ’90s, pop culture meant watching John Elway and the Denver Broncos, wearing acid wash jeans and listening to Paula Abdul and Tupac. Now, Netflix is a part of the cultural zeitgeist, and what makes my job so exciting is that through the work we do, I get to constantly connect with fans all over the world through their favorite shows and movies. 

So I’m excited to introduce Tudum for fans to dive deeper into the stories they love, fuel their obsessions and start new conversations.

To check out Tudum, visit For a more curated experience, log into Tudum with your Netflix profile. 

Get ready for your backstage pass and visit today!