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Meet Golden, Our New Channel Celebrating the Asian Diaspora

Meet Golden, Our New Channel Celebrating the Asian Diaspora

Today, we’re excited to launch Golden, Netflix’s new social media channel dedicated to celebrating the pan-Asian diaspora.

People around the world will be able to find and follow our new @NetflixGolden channels on Instagram and Twitter, which will celebrate Netflix’s pan-Asian talent both in front of and behind the camera. Fans can also expect new episodes from the social series “Spill the Boba Tea,” a collaboration with Wong Fu Productions, where co-founder Philip Wang will chat with your favorite Netflix stars at his BOPOMOFO cafe while crafting unique boba tea drinks based on the stars’ lives. Our new episode, featuring Emily in Paris star Ashley Park, debuts Jan. 27 on our @NetflixGolden Instagram channel.

Golden joins Netflix’s other audience-focused and genre channels including Strong Black Lead, Netflix Film, Con Todo, Geeked, Netflix Is a Joke and Most. Our name, Golden, was inspired by the phrase "Real gold will always shine" and that all Asian stories are golden, and if given the opportunity, they will shine.

As a first-generation Chinese-American growing up in the Midwest, I rarely saw individuals who looked like me in American media, but also felt disconnected from the stars I saw in the Chinese soap dramas my mom binged. For me, being a part of the diaspora means existing in between cultures — and often feeling like you don’t belong fully in either. With Golden, we want to give the Asian diaspora community a way to feel more connected to each other’s cultures and their own by celebrating Asian talent, storytelling and artistry on Netflix.

To join the conversation, visit @NetflixGolden on Instagram and Twitter.