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‘Daughter From Another Mother’: Connecting 23 Million Households Through Dramedy

‘Daughter From Another Mother’: Connecting 23 Million Households Through Dramedy

This past year, as our team moved to Mexico, we’ve had the opportunity to work even more closely with Mexican creators and talent. In between tacos and long talks, this has led to some of the most authentic and moving projects we’ve ever worked on.

While the country is known for its dramas, comedies have produced some of the most realistic portrayals of Mexico. Latinos like to laugh and we like to do it together. Although we knew this when we started working on Daughter From Another Mother, we never imagined that it would become one of our biggest Mexican series. Since launching in January, 23 million households chose to watch the series during its first 28 days. It was in the Top 10 in 32 countries - including Brazil, Spain and Argentina - and spent 17 days as #1 in Mexico’s Top 10.

We wanted to share the most important lessons we learned along the way:

Telling stories about women by women - Carolina

The series was greatly inspired by my own life. As my daughter, Ximena, started her own family, I looked back on the challenges I faced when she was born and how different things are now. I explored all the titles women hold: mother, wife, sister, daughter and professional. And I realized that although there is no one kind of woman, there is one common denominator that unites us: love. Both self-love, and love for our chosen families. Exploring this universal theme, with its ups and downs, helped women see themselves on screen.

Lean into authenticity - Francisco

This series was an opportunity for Carolina to return to her home country after almost a decade in the US. We wanted her to tell the stories she is passionate about, from the place that inspires her the most. The series explored complex scenarios, such as women’s changing roles and the challenges of a new baby. Because Carolina approached these issues in a realistic way - without exaggerating the comedy - she connected with the audience.

In the differences, we can find the connection - Carolina

Ana and Mariana are like water and oil. But their opposing personalities inspired the funniest anecdotes and the biggest heartaches in the series. In such a polarized world, we shouldn't be afraid to explore differences and do so with humor.

Exploring new genres and formats - Francisco

After 10 years in Latin America, we want to continue exploring new genres and formats. Shows like Club de Cuervos taught us that our members in the region love to laugh. But it is also important to innovate. With the help of Carolina, we explored new ways of marrying comedy with drama and showed that there is room for stories that make us both laugh and cry.

But this is just the beginning. We will continue to expand the kind of comedies we make and explore new genres and voices. For now, we’re looking forward to season two!