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Love is Blind: Brazil reunion arrives on Netflix on February 1 with an unprecedented conversation with the contestants' parents

Love is Blind: Brazil reunion arrives on Netflix on February 1 with an unprecedented conversation with the contestants' parents

São Paulo, January 26, 2023 – After the blind dates in the booths, the honeymoon and the long-awaited "I do" at the altar (which was for very few in this second season), the episodes of Love is Blind: Brazil are over, right? Wrong! Yes, there’s going to be an aftershow! Scheduled for February 1, this year the long-awaited reunion of the contestants has an added ingredient to the airing of this dirty laundry: the appearance of Will and Flavia's mothers, and Thamara's father, who do not hold back when expressing their opinions about what happened to their children. And they even have a bust up!

The other news is that, this time, the reunion will be shown on Netflix Brazil’s YouTube and TikTok channels at 6 pm and an hour later, at 7 pm, and is also available on Netflix so that fans of the reality show can get the lowdown on everything that sticks in the craw of the sweethearts – or not-so-sweethearts. For the many of you who want to be part of the conversation, join in with the gossip on the Netflix Brazil live social feeds!

Hosted by couple Camila Queiroz and Klebber Toledo, contestants Alisson Hentges, Guilherme Martins, Robert Richard, Tiago Augusto, William Domiêncio, Flávia Queiroz, Maíra Bullos, Thamara Térez, Vanessa Carvalho and Verônica Brito remember the most notable moments, reflect on past disagreements, confirm whether love really is blind and reveal who’s still together. There is also a special guest appearance by contestant Amanda Souza who talks about her life after the show.

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