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Laura Marano, Avan Jogia, Scott Michael Foster, And Jordi Webber To Star In Netflix's First Interactive Rom-Com "Choose Love"

Laura Marano, Avan Jogia, Scott Michael Foster, And Jordi Webber To Star In Netflix's First Interactive Rom-Com "Choose Love"

  • Cast: Laura Marano (The Royal Treatment, The Perfect Date), Avan Jogia (Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, Zombieland: Double Tap), Scott Michael Foster (You, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend), Jordi Webber (Head High, Power Rangers Ninja Steel)

  • Director: Stuart McDonald  (A Perfect Pairing, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend)

  • Writer: Josann McGibbon (Runaway Bride, Descendants)

  • Producers: Robyn Snyder (Falling Inn Love, Afterlife of the Party); Deborah Evans (Afterlife of the Party);  Mel Turner (Sweet Tooth, Falling Inn Love); and Axel Paton (Sweet Tooth, Falling Inn Love)

  • Executive Producer: Josann McGibbon

  • Synopsis: Cami Conway (Laura Marano) has it all. She’s got the job she wants as a recording engineer and is headed towards engagement, marriage and kids with her wonderful boyfriend, Paul (Scott Michael Foster). And yet, she feels something is missing. Is it just FOMO and the fear of commitment that goes with it? Or is she actually missing out on an even better career, perhaps the long abandoned singing career she once dreamed of? And is Paul the love of her life? What if it’s Rex Galier (Avan Jogia), the sexy British rock star, who walks into her studio and becomes irrepressibly smitten? Or could it be Jack Menna (Jordi Webber), her first love, “the one that got away”, the idealistic world traveler, who returns home and is ready to rekindle their youthful passion? Cami faces a kaleidoscope of tempting but tough choices: from serious ethical dilemmas to the frivolous “Truth or Dare.” What she chooses depends wholly on you, the viewer.  But be careful! Things don’t always play out like you think!

  • Choose Love is the first rom-com to receive the interactive treatment at Netflix. Through the film's many choice paths, the viewer decides what journey the main characters take over the course of this love story based on a variety of decisions made on their behalf. This leads to many potential storylines – even multiple endings – for every viewer to explore and create their own unique experience with these characters based on their decisions

  • Choose Love joins Netflix’s interactive lineup, which also includes the upcoming series Trivia Quest. Past titles include Black Mirror: Bandersnatch, ​​Cat Burglar, Headspace: Unwind Your Mind, Animals on the Loose: A You vs. Wild Movie and more. 

  • Headshots (please download):