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Japanese TV Network TBS Partners With Netflix to Release Three Upcoming Series Worldwide: 'Japan Sinks: People of Hope,' 'The Future Diary,' 'Let’s Get Divorced'

Japanese TV Network TBS Partners With Netflix to Release Three Upcoming Series Worldwide: 'Japan Sinks: People of Hope,' 'The Future Diary,' 'Let’s Get Divorced'

Tokyo, Japan - October 6, 2021 — Tokyo Broadcasting System Television (TBS), a leading Japanese television network, and Netflix will globally release three new Japanese series from October 2021, including Japan Sinks: People of Hope, The Future Diary, and Let’s Get Divorced. Ranging from high-quality scripted drama series to a revamped version of a regionally popular reality series, these titles will expand Netflix’s lineup of Japanese live action, bringing more of what fans love to watch. 

JAPAN SINKS: People of Hope

JAPAN SINKS: People of Hope is the latest title of Sunday 9PM Drama starting from October 10 on TBS network, will be delivered to the world after the broadcast.

The series is based on Sakyo Komatsu's timeless masterpiece JAPAN SINKS published in 1973. A year after the novel’s publication, TBS made it into a TV drama, and soon followed by media mix: movies, anime and manga. Now, nearly half a century after its initial release, TBS added a major arrangement to the original series and produced the new series JAPAN SINKS: People of Hope, focusing on environmental issues in light of the present situation. All the characters, as well as the protagonist, are newly created so that they could tell a more realistic story set in Tokyo in 2023.  With famous actors such as Shun Oguri (Godzilla vs. Kong), Kenichi Matsuyama (Norwegian Wood), Anne Watanabe (Midsummer's Equation), Toru Nakamura (Midnight Diner -Tokyo Stories- S2), and Teruyuki Kagawa (Whistleblower), this human drama depicts the struggle of people searching for hope in the midst of a crisis in Japan of tremendous scale―.

Synopsis: Tokyo 2023. Japan’s prime minister announces a plan to store contaminated material in deep-sea strata while entrusting a team of young technocrats to protect Japan’s future. Meanwhile, the public is alarmed by sensational magazine articles predicting the sinking of the Kanto plain owing to the disap…

Release Date: Weekly release from October 10, 2021@24pm JT / October 10, 2021@8am PT

The Future Diary (A Netflix Series)

The Future Diary was born about 20 years ago, as a project of a variety show of TBS that became a huge hit in the world. It was then made into a movie, an event, and even a game, and the theme songs of the drama TSUNAMI and SAKURAZAKA were big hits and became a social phenomenon. This legendary love reality project will be updated and rebooted as a Netflix series.

Synopsis:  Two people who have never met before are cast to live out a romantic storyline by following a rough “script" in the diary that is handed to them containing only a rough outline of a story. Their semi-fictional exchange,  based on the casts' own words, takes them through an experience that could ultimately influence how they view one another. Viewers will be left asking themselves whether the casts' scripted adventures will lead to real romance. A reboot of a top reality series that made waves from 1998 to 2002. 

Release Date: December 2021 

Let’s Get Divorced (A Netflix Series)

Kankuro Kudo (Amachan) and Shizuka Oishi (Second Virginity), two of Japan’s top screenwriters who have been leading the Japanese TV series industry for many years, are co-writing a brand new comedy drama series together for the first time. Let's Get Divorced, the inaugural collaboration produced by Aki Isoyama (TBS Sparkle), will be globally released as a Netflix series.

Synopsis: There are many shows and movies depicting a couple's divorce and its hardships, but in this romantic comedy, we see a high-powered couple secretly join forces to achieve a divorce... but with so many forces working against them, will they succeed.

Release Date: 2023

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