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'Ginny & Georgia' Costume Designer Bernadette Croft Reveals the Stories Behind the Looks

'Ginny & Georgia' Costume Designer Bernadette Croft Reveals the Stories Behind the Looks

In addition to being one of the hottest shows of the year, Ginny & Georgia is easily one of the most stylish. From Georgia’s bold and flirty fashion to Ginny’s subdued T-shirts and preppy sweaters, there’s something for everyone to love. So if you’ve been hoping to cop their style, we spoke with series’ costume designer Berndette Croft, who explains her inspiration for the characters’ style and how to get both of their looks.

What was your inspiration behind/how did you approach Georgia’s costuming?

My charismatic con artist! The inspiration for Georgia comes directly from the script. Sarah Lampert, the creator of Ginny & Georgia, painted such dynamic and complex characters. From my initial conversations with Sarah and showrunner Deb Fisher, I instantly got a feel for who Georgia was and her character arc for the season. I then collected images and created mood boards so there was a visual language.

How would you describe her personal style? What do you think her clothes say about her?

Georgia is a chameleon. She has a survival instinct that activates in a second. If it means leaving a marriage, covering up a crime, or fitting into a new town, she knows how to blend in our stand out depending on her motives. Her personal style is strong, powerful, and feminine.

What were some of the brands you dressed Georgia in?

Smythe, Greta Constantine, Valentino, Rag and Bone, Alice and Olivia, Veronica Beard, Armani, Zimmerman, Club Monaco, Hérve Léger, Coach, Elie Tahari, Celebrity Pink, Stuart Weitzman, Judith Charles, Levis, Swarovski, Babaton, Mackage, L’Agence, Manolo Blahnik, Hugo Boss, Reiss and Chloe.

Do you have any tips for someone who wants to recreate Georgia’s style? What types of clothing, brands, accessories, jewelry, etc. should they look for to achieve her look

Bold structured blazers, high-waisted pants, silk blouses. Colour and pattern. I liked flashy gold jewelry on Georgia. Check out your local designer consignment stores to recreate the vibe!

Ginny’s style is much more relaxed than Georgia’s but it evolves and changes over the course of the season as she does. How did you approach styling her and how did your approach change depending on where Ginny was in her story?

Baggy muted Ts and distressed jeans helped Ginny hide and become invisible. It was kind of like her armour. At the start of the season she avoided attention and struggled with anxiety. After making friends with Max, Norah, and Abby, she comes out of her shell. She starts wearing cute cropped tops and tight jeans. Her inspiration, support, and style comes directly from her new friendship circle. She becomes popular and her confidence grows. When she learns some horrifying news about her mom, she slips back into the baggy clothes that hold comfort to her.

How would you describe her style? What do you think her clothes say about her?

Her style is grungy. She wore distressed jeans, oversized and baggy shirts in muted colours to help her blend in and become invisible. When her style evolved, she started dressing more on trend with a preppy edge.

Do you have any tips for someone who wants to recreate Ginny’s style? What types of clothing, brands, accessories should they look for to achieve her look? 

For Ginny’s grungy side, we thrifted band T-shirts and men’s flannels. Doc Martens were her signature boot. When Ginny started making friends and feeling like she belonged in Wellsbury, we shopped at places like Abercrombie and Fitch, Urban Outfitters, Levi’s, Aritzia, Hollister, Top Shop, Converse, Garage, Vans, Paige and Free People.

What were some of your favorite looks for both Ginny and Georgia and why? How did you go about styling them?

  • Georgia’s Pretty Woman homage. That famous scene in the film is such a favourite of mine. Costume designer Marilyn Vance created those cult classic looks and her work will always be an inspiration to me.

  • THAT pink dress: Georgia knows how to make an entrance and to turn heads. Definitely had an Elle Woods vibe. The Costume designer of Legally Blonde was Sophie De Rakoff and her work is so legendary.

  • The Icon. The legend. Britney Spears. We had major in-depth discussions about what were Britney’s most memorable stage and screen costumes. It was so fun to look at all the details of each of her outfits and recreate them. We wanted to pay tribute and honour Britney’s incredible career. Our cast loved dressing up in these looks and they really brought them to life. 

  • Max’s Sing Sing costume was my favourite. I was inspired [by] the work of costume designer Colleen Atwood and her work on Chicago. Max’s reveal was so fantastic. She went from her 1920s-inspired dress, coat, and cloche hat to her dance leotard. We amped up the colour palette and gave it a neon twist. I loved mixing the fabrics of Max’s coat and dress. Her hair and make up was gorgeous too.

Where do you tend to source the clothes you use?

Buying is character based. We try and get as much info from the script as possible. Where are they from? What’s their social status and income? I create mood boards to help inform the team on the look. We can be shopping in thrift stores for one character and designer boutiques for another. Our team of talented buyers really nailed these characters. They would bring back so many great options which helped in the fitting process.

Is anything custom on the show?

Georgia’s pale yellow winter coat in the final episode. We were inspired by Stella McCartney’s beautiful midnight blue coat worn by Meghan Markle. It would be just like Georgia to be influenced by royalty! Sometimes it’s hard to find the perfect piece so you just have to make it! The Britney costumes were all custom as well as Georgia’s Gone with the Wind costume inspired by costume designer Walter Plunkett. We also custom-made the guard costumes and Max’s costume in the Sing Sing musical in the final episode.