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Geeked Week 2021 Wrap-Up: The Must-See Moments You May Have Missed

Geeked Week 2021 Wrap-Up: The Must-See Moments You May Have Missed

Geeked Week may be over, but thankfully, the memories will live on the internet forever. After five days full of breaking news, exclusive clips and celebrity drop-ins, we want to take one more look back. Remember when R.L. Stine ripped into all the major zodiac signs? Or when Jon Cho’s hair took Twitter by storm? 

Whether you’re tuning in for the first time or just want to re-watch these must-watch moments, check out the highlights from Netflix Geeked's first-ever Geeked Week, a virtual fan-facing event revealing first looks and celebrating all things genre entertainment at Netflix:

Shadow and Bone Is Coming Back: Summon and you shall receive. We kicked off the festivities with a lot of ☀️☀️☀️ by having the cast announce the Season 2 renewal.

John Cho’s Cowboy Bebop Hair Is Everything: Of course, we’re stoked that legendary composer Yoko Kanno will be returning to score the upcoming live-action adaptation of the beloved anime series. But attention must be paid to John Cho’s Spike hair. See for yourself:

The Sandman Set Leaves Neil Gaiman (Almost) Speechless: “Holy shit.” That was Neil Gaiman’s first reaction when he saw the set of the upcoming Netflix adaptation of his beloved graphic novel The Sandman. Enough said.

R.L. Stine Reads Savage Horrorscopes: Uh, did anyone have ‘being roasted by R.L. Stine’ on their Geeked Week bingo card? Probably not, which is what makes his ‘Horrorscopes’ so good. Warning: Epic verbal burns ahead:

Fear Street Trilogy Trailer Strikes Horror: Speaking of R.L. Stine, we also celebrated the legendary author by unveiling the chilling first trailer for the upcoming Fear Street trilogy based on his best-selling horror series. You might want to leave the lights on for this one:

Lucifer Cast Revisits the Episode That Started It All: Ahead of the final season, the cast took a hilarious walk down memory lane by reading the pilot script. Come for the table read, stay for a hilarious role swamp by Tom Ellis and Lauren German 😈.  

Masters of the Universe Has the Power: Good luck getting Bonnie Tyler’s “Holding Out for a Hero” out of your head after watching the first teaser for Kevin Smith’s upcoming sequel to the 1980s cult classic series. Earworm alert! ⚔️

The Castlevania Universe Can’t Be Stopped: After kicking off Geeked Week with the Shadow and Bone renewal announcement, we closed out the festivities with another big announcement: A forthcoming new series in the Castlevania universe is currently in the works.

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