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Netflix Reveals the Cast of New Indonesian Period Drama ‘Gadis Kretek’

Netflix Reveals the Cast of New Indonesian Period Drama ‘Gadis Kretek’

Set against the backdrop of Indonesia’s tobacco industry, which is closely intertwined with the country’s history, epic romance Gadis Kretek traverses the past and present with an estranged son searching for a girl from his father’s past to fulfill the cigarette mogul’s dying wish.

Based on a novel of the same name by Ratih Kumala, the new Indonesia series is produced by BASE Entertainment, with Shanty Harmayn and Tanya Yuson serving as showrunners. It will be helmed by acclaimed directors Kamila Andini (Sekala Niskala, Yuni) and Ifa Isfansyah (Sang Penari, Pendekar Tongkat Emas) with screenplays penned by Tanya Yuson, Ratih Kumala, Kanya K. Priyanti and Ambaridzki Ramadhantyo.

“We are honored to bring this beautiful story to life, especially as it’s rooted in Indonesia and tells a part of history that I believe will resonate with audiences everywhere,” says showrunner Shanty.

Behind (from left): Putri Marino, Ario Bayu, Dian Sastrowardoyo, Arya Saloka; Front (from left): Shanty Harmayn, Kamila Andini, Ifa Isfansyah

According to directors Kamila and Ifa, “Gadis Kretek frames a significant turn in history about the industry of clove cigarettes and how it changed the course of people’s lives, including a love story that will leave a lasting impression.”

Dian Sastrowardoyo (Kartini, Aruna & Lidahnya) will play Dasiyah, a woman who is ahead of her time and known for her talents in concocting the perfect formulas for clove cigarettes. Ario Bayu (Gundala, Perempuan Tanah Jahanam) takes on the role of Soeraja, the mogul who was introduced to the tobacco industry by chance and ended up leaving a great legacy behind.

Putri Marino (Cinta Pertama, Kedua, dan Ketiga, Posesif) is the independent and curious Arum, while Arya Saloka (Habibie & Ainun 3, Wedding Proposal) will play Lebas, the free-spirited son of Soeraja.

Dian (left) will play the talented Dasiyah while Putri takes on the feisty character of Arum.

Outstanding actors Tissa Biani, Ine Febriyanti, Winky Wiryawan, Sheila Dara, Ibnu Jamil, Rukman Rosadi, Nungki Kusumastuti, Dimas Aditya, Pritt Timothy and Tutie Kirana round out the cast.

Showrunner Tanya adds, “Ratih’s novel introduced us to such richly layered characters on a journey that is both powerful and emotional. To see it coming to life with this wonderfully talented cast and crew is nothing short of thrilling and we can’t wait to share it with everyone.”

‘Gadis Kretek’ is slated to launch in 2023 only on Netflix.

Chatrine Siswoyo