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Made in Brazil: Giving the World a Collective Hug Through Music

Made in Brazil: Giving the World a Collective Hug Through Music

In other times, not so long ago, our tours took us to different places, venues in various world cities, and people came out to attend our concerts. Our way of offering a huge group hug was always through sharing what we do best, which is creating our sound.

But suddenly, the world was turned upside down, and instead of our usual encounters, we were left with an intense longing. As we developed new ways of surviving in this new context, we asked ourselves how we could continue to reach our fans, the people who brought us here from the start and who needed our hugs now more than ever.

In this sense, “AmarElo - É Tudo Pra Ontem” was more than a movie for us at Laboratório Fantasma. It was like tearing our heart out of our chest and offering it to every fan who needed to feel its beat after a recent past that unfortunately insists on staying with us. It was our gift to the world, and Netflix was the best space through which that ray of light could shine.

Realistically, even in “normal” times, not all cities have the capacity to host a show of this size, but thanks to our partnership with the people at “Tudum,” my friends and I were suddenly in your living room, singing and telling a story that belongs to all of us. 

So, this past that refuses to leave keeps us wary within a routine of distancing, masks, constant cleaning and caution, but we have to take the opportunity to get back into everyone’s (and the whole world’s) living room with the tour that COVID-19 stole from us.

Now we can see a light at the end of the tunnel, vaccines will soon be here for us all, but the precautions are still needed and so is this second hug. A hug that says it’s been tough, a hug that reminds us we’re not alone, a hug where you can feel our heart beat with yours and once again it’s like they say: “where there is life, there is hope.” And with this new “invasion” we can offer a little bit of the light of hope that lights up our eyes each morning. The “AmarElo” tour is coming to your city, but this time, not in the arenas, not like that, this encounter will be at your house. Offering stories of a strong-willed Brazil to the world, a country of life and dreams that is too big to be devoured by any time of sadness.

We will stay strong and live!

AmarElo: Ao Vivo is now available on Netflix worldwide!

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