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'Biohackers' is back with a thrilling second season - Now also starring Thomas Kretschmann

'Biohackers' is back with a thrilling second season - Now also starring Thomas Kretschmann

The popular German Netflix Series will be continued July 9 exclusively and worldwide on Netflix.

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  • Second season of the science thriller with six new mysterious, thrilling and fast-paced episodes, starting July 9 worldwide and exclusively on Netflix

  • Once again, Christian Ditter is the showrunner, head writer and director

  • A Claussen+Putz production: Together with Jakob Claussen and Uli Putz, Christian Ditter and Jake Coburn take on the role as executive producers

  • Luna Wedler, Jessica Schwarz, Benno Fürmann, Caro Cult, Adrian Julius Tillmann, Jing Xiang, Sebastian Jakob Doppelbauer and Thomas Prenn are back for the second season

  • Thomas Kretschmann as a great addition to the cast

Berlin – 31 May 2021 -- More ominous, thrilling and mysterious: After the surprising ending of season 1, the new episodes of Biohackers start with a blackout: Months after her abduction, medical student Mia (Luna Wedler) regains consciousness without any recollection of the latest events. What happened? 

In the second season Mia has to solve this big secret on which her life depends. Her former opponent, bio-scientist Prof. Dr. Lorenz (Jessica Schwarz), of all people, seems to know more and apparently is the only one who can help Mia. But can the two women trust each other after everything that happened? The second season of Biohackers, produced by Claussen+Putz, starts on July 9, with six new episodes, worldwide and exclusively on Netflix. In addition to the leading actresses Luna Wedler and Jessica Schwarz, all other popular cast members are back for season 2: Benno Fürmann, Caro Cult, Adrian Julius Tillmann,  Jing Xiang, Sebastian Jakob Doppelbauer and Thomas Prenn. For the first time, Thomas Kretschmann appears in Biohackers.

Showrunner, director, head writer and producer Christian Ditter: “The second season of Biohackers will be quite fast-paced and offers a more serious, grown-up look. We are very happy about the great reception of season 1 by the audience and about the fact that we now have the chance to answer open questions. Our intention is to surprise viewers with season 2. We are looking forward to the release on Netflix.”

Jakob Claussen from Claussen+Putz Filmproduktion adds: “Biohackers is a project that was very special to us. The production was challenging, but great fun. We are really happy about the fantastic cast and the fact that we were able to win over a genuine Hollywood star with Thomas Kretschmann. Fans will also love season 2.”

About Biohackers Season 2: After being abducted, Mia finds herself with no recollection of what happened since. But when she discovers a message she has written to her future-self, she comes to understand that her life is in imminent danger if she doesn’t solve the mystery of her disappearance. In order to do so, she has to team up with the woman she trusts the least, Prof Lorenz.

About Biohackers Season 1: College freshman Mia enrols in Freiburg University’s prestigious medical school. Her interest in revolutionary biohacking-technology is not only limited to scientific interest: Her goal is to gain the trust of star lecturer Prof. Tanja Lorenz. Both women are connected by a dark secret. To shed light on the mysterious death of her brother, Mia enters a dangerous world of illegal genetic experiences. When she meets genius biologist Jasper and his brooding roommate Niklas, she is forced to decide between her principles and her feelings, between avenging her family and protecting her new friends.

Writers: Christian Ditter (head writer and showrunner + ep. 1,2,3,6),
 Miriam Rechel (ep. 4) and Tanja Bubbel (ep. 5)

Directors: Christian Ditter (ep. 1-2), Tim Trachte (ep. 3-6)

Executive Producers: Jakob Claussen + Uli Putz, Christian Ditter and Jake Coburn

Associate Producers: Thomas Klimmer and Veronika Ackermann

Director Of Photography: Fabian Rösler

Cast: Luna Wedler, Jessica Schwarz, Benno Fürmann, Thomas Kretschmann, Adrian Julius Tillmann, Caro Cult, Jing Xiang, Sebastian Jakob Doppelbauer, Thomas Prenn,...

Production Company: CLAUSSEN+PUTZ Filmproduktion GmbH

Funded by: German Motion Picture Fund, FilmFernsehFonds Bayern

About Christian Ditter: Christian Ditter studied directing at the University of Television and Film in Munich. His short films won numerous awards at international film festivals and his debut feature French for Beginners (Französisch für Anfänger) was a hit at the German box office in 2006. In 2008 he adapted one of Germany’s most beloved children's books for the big screen, The Crocodiles. The film won over fifty audience and jury awards at international film festivals and was followed up by two sequels, The Crocodiles Strike Back (Die Vorstadtkrokodile 2, 2009) and The Crocodiles: All for One (Vorstadtkrokodile 3, 2010), which he directed and produced respectively. He moved on to writing and directing Germany’s first major adventure film shot entirely in 3D, Wickie and the Treasure of the Gods (Wickie auf großer Fahrt), which debuted at #1 in the German box office.  In 2014 he directed his first English-language feature Love, Rosie (Love, Rosie - Für immer vielleicht) and in 2016 he followed it up with his U.S. debut How to Be Single. He then served as both director and executive producer on the Netflix series Girlboss (2017), as well as the showrunner, executive producer and director on two seasons of his latest Netflix series Biohackers. 

About Claussen+Putz Filmproduktion: Since its foundation in 1992, Claussen+Putz Filmproduktion has been producing sophisticated as well as entertaining shows. By now, 50 films from the most diverse genres have been produced, among them Caroline Link’s Beyond Silence (Jenseits der Stille), which was nominated for the Academy Award as Best Foreign Language Film, Hans-Christian Schmid’s Crazy and 23, Stefan Ruzowitzky’s Anatomy (Anatomie), Neele Leana Vollmar’s Maria, he doesn’t like it (Maria, ihm schmeckt’s nicht!), Alain Gsponer’s Heidi, Giulio Ricciarelli’s Labyrinth of Lies (Im Labyrinth des Schweigens) and the adaption of Otfried Preußler’s world-famous novels Krabat, The Little Ghost (Das kleine Gespenst), The Little Witch (Die kleine Hexe) and The Robber Hotzenplotz (Der Räuber Hotzenplotz), as well as Bjarne Mädel’s Sörensen is afraid (Sörensen hat Angst).

About Netflix: Netflix is the world's leading streaming entertainment service with 208 million paid memberships in over 190 countries enjoying TV series, documentaries and feature films across a wide variety of genres and languages. Members can watch as much as they want, anytime, anywhere, on any internet-connected screen. Members can play, pause and resume watching, all without commercials or commitments.

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