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An Artist’s Take: Celebrating Black History

An Artist’s Take: Celebrating Black History

At Netflix, we want to connect our members to Black stories and storytellers who made — and are making — history. This year, for Black History Month, we wanted to go one step further and honor the creativity and influence of Black artistry by commissioning original artwork to bring these stories and storytellers to life.

So we partnered with Brooklyn-based illustrator and designer Xia Gordon, who created this vibrant “Black History in Motion” piece that members will see when they visit the Black History Month page on Netflix in the US. We talked with Xia about her inspiration for the design:

What inspired you to create this design? 

It was important to focus on moments that illustrate a sense of joy, nostalgia, and a journey taken while incorporating elements from various Netflix films and shows. 

What are some of the considerations you took into account?  

The artwork's mood and sense of motion were two things I considered while working. It was important that it reflect a moment of warmth, joy and exuberance while also leaving room for the team to add the magic of movement.

What are some of the specific elements within the artwork fans should pay close attention to?

Each of the characters call back to a specific character from a film in the Black History In Motion collection. It would be cool to see if fans can point them out!

Films, series and specials we’re highlighting this month include Passing, Sisters on Track, The Harder They Fall, High on the Hog: How African American Cuisine Transformed America, Colin in Black & White, Selling Tampa and Michelle Buteau: Welcome to Buteaupia and Wanda Sykes: Not Normal.   

Members in the US can find this page by searching ‘Black History in Motion’ or by visiting Globally, members can find additional collections by searching ‘Strong Black Lead,’ ‘Stories From Africa’ and ‘Black Comedy Icons’. 

Throughout the year we’ll be unveiling new collections in collaboration with new artists, so stay tuned.