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After Eva, everything changed

After Eva, everything changed

Regardless of age or context, first time experiences will always be memorable. Set in the 70’s, Eva Lasting arrives on Netflix on February 15. This is a story full of nostalgia starring Francisca Estévez, Emmanuel Restrepo, Santiago Alarcón, Verónica Orozco and Chichila Navia.

Created by Dago García and directed by Mateo Stivelberg and María Gamboa, Eva Lastingfeatures Eva and Camilo’s love story across those “first time experiences” common to us all. The series shows how a shy and inexperienced young guy falls in love with a mysterious, open-minded girl who is enrolled as the only woman in a former male school.

About Eva Lasting:

Release date: February 15, 2023

Episodes: 13 episodes x 42 min.

Cast: Francisca Estévez, Emmanuel Restrepo, Verónica Orozco, Santiago Alarcón, Sergio Palau, Julián Cerati, Brandon Figueredo, Mateo García, Adriana Arango, Cecilia Navia.

Produced by: Caracol Televisión

Creator/Showrunner: Dago García

Screenwriter: Dago García

Directors: Mateo Stivelberg / María Gamboa

Producers: Maria Isabel Páramo / Manuel Gómez 

Executive Producers: Dago García / Maria Isabel Páramo / Amparo Gutiérrez/ Ángela Vergara

Cinematography: Nicolás Forero

Production Design:  Cristina Medina

Art Director: Erika Fonseca

Music Supervisor: Santiago Uribe

Filmed in: Bogotá, Colombia


Set in the 1970s, this is Eva and Camilo's love story. She is a mysterious, rebellious, and open-minded girl who is enrolled as the only woman in a school of 600 men. He is a peculiar and shy boy with no sentimental experience and inevitably falls in love with Eva, the first woman in his life. While Camilo tries unsuccessfully to win her heart, Eva turns the world of the Jose Maria Root Public School upside down, teaching her classmates all about sex, love, pleasures and real life. Yet, Camilo discovers that Eva keeps a deep, dark secret that could separate them forever, and now he will have to fight not to lose what could be his first romantic experience... his first and great love.

María Camila Franco

PR Manager