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A wrap on Paradise (AT)

A wrap on Paradise (AT)

Producers: Simon Amberger, Korbinian Dufter, Rafael Parente

Director: Boris Kunz

Camera: Christian Stangassinger

Screenplay: Peter Kocyla, Simon Amberger and Boris Kunz

Production design: Marc Bitz

Cast: Kostja Ullmann, Iris Berben, Marlene Tanczik, Corinna Kirchhoff, Lisa-Marie Koroll, Alina Levshin, Lorna Ishema, Numan Acar and Lisa Loven Kongsli

Production: NEUESUPER 

  • Netflix Film

  • Genre: Near-future thriller

  • Filming locations: Lithuania and Berlin

  • Filming start: 03/22/2022

  • Expected exclusively on Netflix from 2023! 

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Berlin, June 13, 2022 – Years of your life in exchange for money – a seemingly simple deal. How many years would you sell to live with total financial freedom? And who is buying these years and with them, eternal youth? 

Over the past few weeks, filming has been taking place for Paradise (WT) in Lithuania and Berlin. The near-future thriller is produced by Simon Amberger, Korbinian Dufter and Rafael Parente from NEUESUPER. It’s directed by Boris Kunz (Hindafing) who also wrote the screenplay, together with Peter Kocyla and Simon Amberger. The director of photography is Christian Stangassinger, while Marc Bitz is responsible for the set design.

The cast includes Kostja Ullmann and Iris Berben, alongside Corinna Kirchhoff, Marlene Tanczik, Lisa-Marie Koroll, Alina Levshin, Lorna Ishema and Numan Acar.

Paradise(WT) is expected to be available from 2023 exclusively on Netflix. 

Lars Wiebe (Manager Film DACH, Netflix): “The fascinating characters and the moral dilemma  ‘would you trade years of your own life for money?’ really had us hooked on the project from the start. Paradise has a clever and very exciting answer to the question, which will really appeal to a global audience. With NEUESUPER, we found our perfect partner to bring it to life.”

Simon Amberger, Producer:“It seems unimaginable that years of our life could be bought and sold. The principle that all people are equal, a foundation of our society, would be passé. Paradise looks at an age-old question – what is the real value of life? – through a new lens. Telling this kind of story from Germany requires not only passion and creativity, but a really courageous team. We’re so happy to have such a fantastic team for this film, about the great cast and about the faithful collaboration with Netflix.”

About Paradise (AT)

In the not-too-distant future, biotech start-up AEON has found a way to transfer years of life from one person to another, transforming the company into a big-pharma conglomerate worth billions. The world has changed forever. When Elena is confronted with insurance claims that she and her husband Max can’t possibly pay, she sees no choice but to sell 40 years of her life to AEON. Max, who works for AEON, tries everything to get Elena’s lost years back. When he finds out that Elena’s lifetime is targeted by the CEO of AEON, he abducts her, triggering a manhunt that forces them to leave their home and pushes their moral boundaries to the limit.


Munich production firm NEUESUPER develops and produces high-quality films and series for the national and international market, and also creates advertising material. Some of its biggest successes include comedy series Blockbustaz (2016), dramas Hindafing (two seasons starting 2016) and 8 Days (2019), young-adult series Echos (Katakomben, 2020), as well as mockumentary Wrong (2021). NEUESUPER is currently producing the series Neue Geschichten vom Pumuckl[New Stories from Pumuckl] a re-work of the legendary 1980s TV series. The company is also creating period drama Luden [Pimps], about the Hamburg red-light district in the 70s and early 80s. 


About Netflix

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Josefine Schmidt

PR Manager DACH