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A New Feature to Begin Providing a More Personalized Mobile Games Experience on Netflix

A New Feature to Begin Providing a More Personalized Mobile Games Experience on Netflix

As we continue to expand our mobile games catalog to span many genres and categories, we’ve been thinking about how we can improve the mobile games experience for members too. Today, we’re rolling out the ability to create game handles for a more personalized gameplay experience.

With game handles, members will be able to create a unique public username that can be used across all Netflix games. In multiplayer games like Rival Pirates, an adventure game where you set sail, fire cannonballs and strive to be the last boat afloat or within leaderboards in games like Dominoes Café and Lucky Luna, game handles help players discover, make friends and play with each other.

Setting up a game handle only takes two simple steps on both iOS and Android devices: 

  • Boot up your Netflix mobile app

  • On iOS: Download Rival Pirates or Lucky Luna  for prompts you to select your gamer handle in-game

  • On Android: Select the games tab in the navigation bar and find the banner that says ‘Create your Netflix game handle’

This feature is only the beginning in building a tailored game experience for our members around the world. We’ll continue to adapt and evolve our service to meet the needs of our members, but in the meantime see if you can beat me — I’m SophiaYang ˛in Dominoes Café

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