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“42 días en la oscuridad”: The Story Behind Our First Netflix Series Made in Chile

“42 días en la oscuridad”: The Story Behind Our First Netflix Series Made in Chile

Every time we embark on a project, we look for stories that can entertain, inspire and engage various audiences around the world and challenge them to reflect on issues that affect us as a society. The idea to make the first series in Chile for Netflix came to us from Fabula, who then added the young and talented directors Claudia Huaiquimilla and Gaspar Antillo. We saw a touching and reverent creative approach in the telling of the story of a missing woman and how those close to her react to her disappearance. The directors’ intimate and visceral perspective, and Fabula’s track record as a production company inspired us to take on this project.

Inspired by real events, “42 días en la oscuridad” is a fictional crime thriller about the disappearance of a woman, Verónica, and her sister Cecilia’s race against time to find her. In her search, Cecilia will have to fight against the authorities’ negligence, society’s prejudices, and harassment from the media. 

Fabula’s Juan de Dios Larraín and Ángela Poblete, who will both serve as executive producers, discuss the series: 

Juan and Ángela will executive produce with Mariane Hartard and Gunther Kaempfe. In addition to directing alongside Gaspar, Claudia is also writer of the series with Rodrigo Fluxá. Enrique Videla will serve as story editor. 

Part of what sold us on this project at Netflix was Claudia and Gaspar’s passion and drive to speak to raise awareness about gender-based violence:

We’re very excited to begin production soon on this new series, a thriller with a talented cast that includes Aline Kuppenheim (Verónica) and Claudia Di Girolamo (Cecilia), as well as prominent names from the Chilean TV industry. 

About Fabula:

Fabula is one of Chile’s leading production companies, acclaimed for having won the Academy Award for Best Foreign Language Film in 2018 with “A Fantastic Woman.” Founded in 2004 by Juan de Dios Larraín (Producer) and Pablo Larraín (Director/Producer), its activities span film, TV, advertising and production services. Previous projects include 28 films, 800 commercials, two seasons of the series “Prófugos,” and the first seasons of “El Presidente” and “La Jauría.” Fabula’s work has garnered multiple international awards at the world’s most prestigious film and TV festivals.

Magdalena Leturia

PR Chile