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Netflix exists to entertain the world, and that requires a habitable world to entertain. Which is why environmental sustainability is important to us at Netflix.

Learn more about our performance on environmental, social and governance issues.

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Our Climate Targets
Science-driven carbon reductions plus the power of nature

Our carbon footprint in 2021 was roughly 1.5 million metric tons, with more than half of that footprint from the physical production of the shows and films you watch on Netflix.

Climate science tells us this is the critical decade to avoid unmanageable climate change. So we've set two near-term climate targets that are measured in years, not decades, and we’re on track to meet both. First, we'll cut our emissions in half by 2030 according to our validated science-based target. And as of 2022, we annually bring our remaining net carbon footprint to zero by investing in the power of nature to capture carbon. For details, please see our ESG Report or listen to our podcast.

Entertain to Sustain
Sustainability is an epic story creators are already telling

In 2022, 165 million households around the world — more than 70% of members — chose to watch at least one story on Netflix that helped audiences better understand climate issues and highlight hopeful solutions around sustainability, or both.

We’ve curated over 200 of these series, films and specials into a Netflix collection: Sustainability Stories. There, members can experience the rich variety of how our changing world is reflected on screen, from comedies like Don’t Look Up, documentaries like Breaking Boundaries and Our Great National Parks to feel-good films like Falling Inn Love, fantasy sci-fi Sweet Tooth and political drama Borgen - Power & Glory, inspiring solutions in Down to Earth with Zac Efron, and family fare like The Sea Beast and Spirit Rangers.

Our Great National Parks
Down To Earth With Zac Efron
Spirit Rangers