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Netflix exists to entertain the world, and that requires a habitable world to entertain. Which is why environmental sustainability is important to us at Netflix.

Net Zero + Nature

Science-driven carbon reductions plus the power of nature

By the close of 2022, Netflix will achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions. To reach this goal, we are working towards reducing our internal emissions by 45% below 2019 levels by 2030, per our validated Science Based Target. We’re also investing in external projects around the world that remove carbon from the atmosphere, such as protecting forests above-and-below water. In addition — to address the indirect emissions of our supply chain — we’re financing projects that retain and restore nature’s ability to store CO2. In order to have the greatest positive impact in our industry, we voluntarily take responsibility for more of our supply chain emissions than required by the GHG Protocol.

Net Zero, How?

Our carbon footprint in 2020 was roughly 1 million metric tons. 

Approximately half of that footprint (50%) lies within the physical production of the stories you watch on Netflix, followed by our corporate operations and purchased goods (45%). We use cloud providers like Amazon Web Services and our Open Connect content delivery network to stream our service, which account for 5% of our footprint.

Our Net Zero + Nature plan follows these steps:


REDUCE our internal emissions on a 1.5°C pathway (aligned with climate science) and address indirect emissions in partnership with our suppliers. For emissions we or our suppliers can’t avoid we will...


RETAIN nature's existing carbon storage, protecting ecosystems like forests that prevent carbon from entering the atmosphere and invest in other high-impact projects aligned with climate science. Finally,


REMOVE carbon from the atmosphere by restoring and regenerating natural ecosystems. We’ll focus especially on projects that advance sustainable livelihoods, biodiversity, climate resilience, and environmental justice.

Entertain to Sustain

Sustainability is an epic story creators are already telling.

In 2020, 160 million households around the world chose to watch at least one story on Netflix that helped viewers better understand climate issues and highlight hopeful solutions around sustainability, or both. Stories included Netflix series and films like Our Planet and the Academy Award-winning My Octopus Teacher, to classics like The Day After Tomorrow and Chasing Coral.

Many artists are motivated by the stories, characters, and importance of environmental stories and we will continue to create compelling and engaging content that raises environmental awareness.

Our 2021 ESG Report

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