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Maisa breaks virtual read table of De Volta aos 15, the new Netflix dramedy

Maisa breaks virtual read table of De Volta aos 15, the new Netflix dramedy

São Paulo, February 11st 2021 - It was supposed to be just a video call among Klara Castanho, João Guilherme, Pedro Ottoni, Amanda Azevedo, Pedro Vinicius and Caio Cabral to warm up to the shootings of De Volta aos 15, the new Netflix series based on the novel of the same name by Bruna Vieira. But Maisa’s surprise appearance to announce she will play the young 15-years-old Anita, one of the plot’s central characters, left the participants surprised and (very) enthusiastic. The series has a high-caliber cast and will have its start of production at the end of February in São Paulo. Check the hilarious cast reaction in this video!

About De Volta aos 15

De Volta aos 15 is a funny and exciting production that follows Anita's self-discovery and maturity journey. At 15, the young played by Maisa, had a great expectation of adult life: leave the tiny town Imperatriz, travel to many places and get to know a lot of people. But at 30, her life is nothing like that. With few friends, living in a renovated apartment and with no signal of love, Anita returned to her birth town for her sister Luiza’s wedding.

After unfortunate events, she takes refuge in the bedroom where spent adolescence and, like magic, is propelled to the first day of high school: a 30-years-old head in the body of a 15-years-old teenager! That’s when Maisa comes to the scene to bring to life the teen version of Anita, who tries to fix the lives of everyone around her: of Carol (Klara Castanho), her cousin who is involved with a bad boy from the city; of Luiza (Amanda Azevedo), her sister that lives trapped in the role of city princess; of César (Pedro Vinicius), her new friend that need to be encouraged to be himself; and of Henrique (Caio Cabral), her nerd best friend who is secretly in love with her. But every change in the past impacts everyone’s future - and not always for the better. 

Produced by Carolina Alckmin and Mayra Lucas, from Glaz Entretenimento, and directed by Vivi Jundi and Dainara Toffoli, the series is adapted and written by Janaina Tokitaka. Renata Kochen, Alice Marconi and Bryan Ruffo are also co-writers. De Volta aos 15 is a 6-episodes, 40 minutes long series, with surprises, a lot of emotion and laugher-inducing. Lucca Picon, Antônio Carrara, Gabriel Wiedemann, Fernanda Bressan e Paulo Mucheroni are also part of the young cast of the series.

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